Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Update on Eli: Surgery (Backtrack)

Eli was diagnosed with unicoronal craniosysostosis at 3 and a half months old.  He had corrective surgery on his skull at 5 and a half months old.


June 9 - Packing for the hospital
We woke up early Monday morning (June 10) and headed down to the hospital (TMC), about a 30 minute drive, to get there at 5:30am to check in.  We finished up some paperwork, and Eli got dressed in his little gown and the nurse took some vitals.  All the doctors came in to see us (neurosurgeon, plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, surgery nurse), and after a long time of waiting that went by too fast, they were ready for Eli.  We passed him off to the nurse, and she carried him away and our hearts broke as we watched them head behind closed doors.  He was so innocent, so unknowing of what he was about to go through.  That moment was the very hardest we had faced as parents.  He went back to the surgery area at around 7:30am, and we went back out to the waiting room, where all we could do was wait.

The Surgery

All dressed in his gown and ready to go!
We were told by the doctors that the surgery was expected to last about 3-4 hours, and they scheduled an extra hour after that just for buffer room.  We weren't sure if that was from the time Eli went back or if it was from the time they started the actual procedure.  Adam and I tried to keep ourselves busy and our minds off what was happening to our son by playing games in the waiting room.  We got a call in the waiting room from the surgery nurse at 9:25am letting us know that they had begun the procedure at 9am.  That was the only communication from the inside we had all morning.  When 11:30am came around we started getting anxious.  It had been 4 hours since they took him back but only 2 and a half since the actual procedure had begun.  We started getting really anxious when 1pm rolled around, and tried not to feel worried every minute after.  We watched doctor after doctor come out of the surgery area looking for family of other patients to talk to them.  It was torture being away from Eli for so long and waiting to hear anything from anyone about how things were going!  Finally at 2pm I saw both doctors come out of that door!  What a happy and reliving sight!!!  To see the doctors I recognized, I almost jumped to my feet!  Adam was telling me something when I saw them and I didn't hear anything he said after that.  The first thing that was said was from the plastic surgeon to the neurosurgeon, "Should we go to one of the conference rooms?"  The neurosurgeon must have felt our concern or seen it on our faces because he quickly reassured us that everything went fine.  Phew!  We followed them to one of the small conference rooms and they told us that everything went well and that we would be able to see Eli soon.  They were very pleased with the results of the surgery.  What a load off!

Picture with Dad before the surgery

Picture with Mom before the surgery


We went back to the waiting room to wait for another hour until Eli was awake enough and ready to be transported to the PICU.  A nurse finally told us we were going to meet him (pushed in a crib by nurses) by the elevators.  And we waited.......  And there he was!  It was SO good to see him!!!!  We followed the nurses down the elevator and through hallways until we finally reached his room at the PICU.  He was peacefully sleeping but they had to pick him up to move him to a PICU crib.  And of course he woke up and was cranky and cried for the next 20 minutes.  But we were with our son again and all was right in the world.  The worst was behind us.

To be continued...

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  1. Beautifully written documentary that will become more precious as years pass. He is such a lucky boy to be in the security of such a loving home.


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