Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 Year End Family Recap

2016 has been a good year to us.  We were blessed to purchase a home in March here in Utah and begin to grow some roots.  Adam enjoys his job at FFKR Architects and is working on getting his architecture license.  Kami and the kids have their own adventures at home.  Eli is so smart and learning so much, and Kayleigh has really started to develop her own personality and interests.  We love the outdoors in Utah and have had fun going snowboarding and bike riding, and Adam going hunting and fishing.  Kami is getting back to ballet and loves to spend time ensuring temple ordinances are getting completed for her ancestors by attending the temple when she can and with Adam.  We were able to go on some family trips this year -- Alabama for a 5 generation picture with Adam’s family, Arizona for a good friend’s wedding and sealing and to see some of Kami’s family, Kami went to DC with and to visit some good friends, and Adam went to Portland, Oregon for an Arizona Wildcat football game with some buddies.  We are enjoying watching our kids grow -- By the end of the year Eli will be 4 years old and Kayleigh will be 1 and a half.

We hope your lives are filled with the love of God and Christ and family this season and always

With love,
Adam, Kami, Eli & Kayleigh