Friday, January 28, 2011

Not exactly sure what to put here...

Man, everyone is having babies!  I'm a little jealous; I want one!  Adam and I are getting more and more excited each day to have kids, but the time just hasn't come yet.  In the meantime I'm learning how to be a better wife, or trying!  My organization and cleaning skills could use some work.  But isn't that true for us all?  I'm just glad I'm not alone!

Speaking of alone, Adam's going to be working graveyard security shifts for a little while.  :(  I miss him terribly!  He's going to be out at night and asleep during the day when he's not at school...  I'm not going to see him a whole lot..  :(  I guess it will give me more time to work on those things I keep putting off, like organization and cleaning.

Our lease will be ending in the near-ish future and we're considering some options.  It is such a buyers market right now and oh how we want a house!  You know, I think it's a little funny how I have a hard time sometimes committing to things long-term, yet I want to buy a house.  Hmm.  Oh and I got married...  Well, it's true what they say..  When you know, you just know!  :)

I love love love having callings in the Church (of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)!  Adam and I teach 8 (turning 9) year olds in Primary and I have grown to love it oh so much.  I'll admit that I wasn't as thrilled about it for the first while, which seemed a little weird since just about everyone loves Primary!  But as I have put more effort into it, the Lord has blessed me with such an increase of love for these kids!  I'm trying to be a better teacher and instead of being nervous or worried about the lesson (and being relieved once it's over) I'm super excited to be able to help teach them and I get a little sad once the class time is over (and man does the time fly)!  It just goes to show that the Lord is willing to bless us, but we must be willing to work.  I also get the opportunity to be with the Young Women of the stake and teach and help them play sports during the year!  It's only one night a week for a month and a half but boy do those girls make me smile!  I love to witness them learning and improving!  They are so special, and I am so glad to see them come play with us!  I can see their confidence boosting and it is a blessing to me to see that in them.  I'm glad I get to be a part of that and to help them indirectly in their lives.

Oh and I just want to say that I made a deLICious dinner tonight, fettuccine alfredo with chicken, with home-made alfredo sauce which was fantastic!  We had a roast in the crock-pot last night and it was yummy!  That was the first time we've used the crock pot, and now I'm not sure why I was so afraid of it!  It's easier to clean one pot than three!!  And we made our own concaction of fried rice with veggies and chicken and some lo mein noodles on the side, yum.  I'm trying to be better at this dinner thing...  Especially for Adam's sake (or else he doesn't eat good food)!  I just get intimidated by ingredients I don't know and also the lack of counter space and the cleaning of all the dishes afterwards and then the large amounts of leftovers (sometimes) that just sit in the fridge.  Although we're getting better at eating leftovers for lunches.  It helps when we don't let ourselves buy pizzas or pizza bites when we go grocery shopping.

From the Ferguson kitchen -

(Yummy) Alfredo Sauce:

(For a serving of 6...  I cut it in half tonight for just the two of us)

1 stick butter
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2 cups grated parmesen cheese
salt and pepper to taste
(and I like to add garlic salt to taste)

Warm butter and cream in a skillet.  Add salt and pepper (and garlic salt) to season.  Add cheese.  Mix until cheese melts.  (Add more cream and/or cheese if needed or desired.)

Add your noodles (and chicken!) and enjoy!!