Monday, August 5, 2013

7 Months! (Baby Eli)

Well, I kinda skipped the 6 month update due to things being crazy post-op and Eli's developments didn't change a whole lot because of the surgery.  So here we are at 7 months (two Sundays ago)!  Holy cow!

- We're teaching Eli how to do "kisses" and he does them sometimes!
- He's getting really good at standing up, we just help him balance
- When we make him "walk" he's starting to bend his knees like he's actually walking! (before he would just keep his legs stiff and straight)
- He's super smiley and giggly, more and more all the time!
- He's starting to get better at responding when we try to get his attention
- He's super talkative
- He loves playing in his exersaucer!  At first he would just lean forward and sit there and play with the one toy that was in front of him, but now he's standing up and leaning back and forward and even turning around to play with the toys behind him!
- He loves balls!  Anything that's round -- little stressball basketballs and baseballs, balloons
- Everything still goes straight to his mouth
- He's ticklish in his armpits, lower back and feet
- He's rolling all the way over now!  It's taken him a little bit to get back into rolling onto his back from his tummy but just last week he rolled all the way onto his tummy all by himself for the second time!  And since then he's done it a bunch of times, including in his crib
- He scoots and rolls around in his crib, so sometimes we find him in random and complete opposite positions than how we left him
- He likes to sleep on his side
- He makes cute noises when he's chewing on his hands or our fingers
- He still uses his feet as his 3rd and 4th hands
- When he gets happy or excited his flaps his arms, kicks his feet and sometimes screams
- He's eating solids now, and he loves it!  He's always reaching out for our bowls and plates and utensils and cups
- He even reaches out for our water bottles and sport drink bottles and soda cans
- We think he tends to gravitate more toward things that are green, so we think green might be his favorite color
- He's growing more hair!
- He sticks his cute little tounge out, sometimes when he smiles
- He grunts when he's trying to poo
- He likes to play with our ears
- He just started talking on his own, without a finger or toy or anything in his mouth, going "ba ba ba ba" -- It's the cutest thing!!
- He's been shaking his head like "no" starting about a week or so ago. Not sure what it means but he isn't saying "no" 
- Sometimes when he's laying on his back he lifts his pelvis like he's doing a work out or trying to poop!  He ends up scooting in the direction of his head.  He usually grunts too so it seems like he's trying to potty!
- He can sit unsupported all by himself! We've been practicing with him and we still have to watch him so he doesn't topple over, but it's funny that when we sit him on a chair he leans forward to sit by himself instead of leaning back against the backrest

He's a growing boy!  He's so awesome and fun.  I love being his mommy.  We love him!  :)

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