Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Local News Article on Eli's Condition

A friend just told me about this article this morning.  It aired on the local news earlier this month.  These are the awesome doctors who did Eli's surgery!  And I guess Eli's surgery must have been one of the first these doctors did together.  Now that I think about it I think someone said something about that in the hospital.  So grateful for the vast medical knowledge today!!!  Eli is doing so well. We are truly blessed!

Posted 1:13 PM 8/9/2013 : TMC surgical team now treating lopsided heads on babies 
TUCSON- It happens more frequently than you might think. One in 2,000 babies are born with lopsided heads. It's a condition that requires corrective surgery and now a couple doctors at Tucson Medical Center are taking on the challenge. 
The condition is called craniosynostosis. For just the third time at TMC a baby has had part of their skull taken out, reshaped and put back in place, allowing the brain to grow normally. 
Alvaro and Maria Rossette knew something wasn't right as soon as their baby girl, Anazia was born. They learned the front of her skull had fused too early and she would need surgery. 
"Very nervous, stressed. Who wants a child to be in surgery for six hours? Especially head surgery," said, Alvaro. 
Dr. Sanan, the neurosurgeon who performed the surgery explains that the skull is made up of multiple bones and as a baby is growing, all of these separate bones have to grow in order for it to maintain its normal shape. Craniosynostosis fuses those bones too soon. 
"The face get's misshapen, the eyes get misshapen, and the end result is a child that doesn't look right and a brain that's sort of developed in the wrong areas," said, Sanan. 
Anazia's skull had already fused near the forehead. But, the eight month old was in good hands. Dr. Sanan, and Dr. Ley Tai, a craniofacial surgeon, work together to perform the surgery. 
"One of the major parts that I perform is to reshape the bones with various tools and very specific cuts on the bone to make them more of a normal shape," said, Ley Tai. 
So, after six hours of having part of her skull literally cut off, reshaped, and screwed in place, little Anazia woke up and her dad says she recovered quickly. 
"We're really excited knowing that it's going to help her in her learning development, it's not going to affect her cause if we wouldn't have done the surgery it would have probably affected her in the long run." 
Before Dr. Sanan and Dr. Ley Tai performed this procedure in Tucson patients were being sent up to Phoenix. So, this surgery is providing a great resource for families facing the issue and clearly they are in capable hands.

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