Sunday, August 4, 2013

On the Road to Utah

Today we embarked on a road trip up to Utah with Adam's parents for his brother's wedding, which is this next week.  It has been a little adventure, that's for sure!  We left early and had everything (or so we thought) and everything was going great.  We took a rental car and we were good and comfortable.

My boys napping.

Then, in the middle of nowhere in northern Arizona or somewhere, Adam picks up Eli's little basketball that was next to him in his carseat and it's wet.  And a second later we realize that Eli had a poop explosion and it was everywhere!  All over his outfit, his back, his carseat...  Everywhere.  We pulled over on the side of the road to clean it up, and tried to get the smell out as best we could.  We got most of it.  We bagged up the poopy diaper and napkins and wipes and drove down the road to the nearest trash can.  Some people (I won't name names) wanted to just leave it on the side of the road!  I said no way, and we stopped at the next stop.  It was a weird little stop with an old pump station and old dinner, and a machine gun attraction where you can shoot a machine gun.  We may have stopped if we had more time to spare.  And there were a bunch of those cardboard cutout things where you stick your head in the hole and take a picture...  But they were all of aliens doing different things.  And there was a painting next to the gas pumps that said "fill your tank with Uranus gas" - whatever that means!!

Adam let Eli suck on some beef jerky and he liked it.

The rest of the trip has been mildly uneventful.  I forgot some parts for my breast pump, so we had to make a Target stop in Vegas.  I also realized I forgot Eli's cape to go with his Batman onesie.  :(  I'm super bummed about that!  I pooped my pants when I saw him wearing it the first time!

This is his sweet batman outfit.

We stopped somewhere in Utah to change Eli's diaper and take a bathroom break.  Eli liked being outside (and out of his car seat) and looking up at the big blue sky and the cars and big semi trucks that drove by.  The poor guy cried every time we put him back in his car seat the whole second half of this trip.  Adam's parents got some ice cream at the Dairy Queen at the rest stop and Adam's dad gave Eli some vanilla ice cream.  It was a cone and he didn't know that you could eat it.  When Adam's dad put the ice cream up to Eli's mouth he was confused when he tasted it.  The next taste try Eli got more on his mouth and he brought his hand up and slowly put it on the side of the ice cream!  Oops!  Of course, it was cute.  Isn't everything your own baby does cute??  :)

Mommy and Eli 

Eli's first new state: Nevada
Eli's second new state: Utah
Eli's first long, overnight trip: August 3, 2013 - to Utah for Uncle Nate's wedding

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