Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mom Advice: Homemade Hospital Gown

Something I wanted to do before Eli was born but didn't get around to (and sort of put off since I'm a very novice seamstress) was make a homemade hospital gown for my stay at the hospital when I gave birth.  I found the idea on Pinterest from this blog post:

 Hospital Gown DIY

Since I didn't have a cute homemade hospital gown I just wore the standard ugly ones.  I felt not beautiful and constantly worried about being exposed if I were to get up.  This worry was even a main factor in my decision to not go see my new baby through the window of the nursery, something I had looked forward to for so long!  I should really be more assertive and not worry so much, but alas, that is what happened.  It helps to know that when Adam did go see Eli in the nursery he was being held or tended to or something by one of the nurses.  But still.  Even more reason so make and wear my own cute hospital gown next time!  And I will be able to practice putting it on so I know how it works and not be left to wonder about those annoying gowns provided by the hospital!

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