Saturday, February 1, 2014

13 Months Old: Eli

Eli is growing up so fast!  He's so much fun.  He's a little tyrant though, he gets into EVERYthing!  Here's a little but about 13-month-old Eli:

We've finally baby-proofed our kitchen cabinets, so the kitchen is relatively safe for him (and sane for us).  He loves going in there and looking at himself in the reflection of the oven, and running around the dining table.  He is a master at walking!  And even runs on occasion, when he's really excited about something.  He throws just about everything.  And wants to play with everything he sees us using.  He's not saying words yet, though I think he's really close.  He tries to say things like "train" and "light" but doesn't really have interest in saying much else, that we know of.  He LOVES going outside!  He practically begs us to take him out, every day!  He still loves opening and closing things, like my laptop and every door that exists, the mailbox, and the toilet if I'd let him.  He has this stacker toy he's learned how to use really well!  And he can press buttons on things, even little ones.  He knows the remotes control the TV and has started pointing them at it.  And he dances when we sing.  I think he likes clocks and wants to play with them.  Even though he's not talking yet he makes the cutest sounds.  I love listening to him.  He loves stop signs!  He sees them across the street and points to them because he wants us to take him to go see it up close.  He knows the sign for "train" and stops what he's doing when he hears one and does the sign!  He's doing so great in his swim class.  He enjoys it.  And the teacher always compliments him on how smooth he goes under water!  He loves playing with normal sized soccer balls.  Usually he picks it up and throws it (not very far) or will push it with his hands, but sometimes he kicks it and it's really cute!  He's down to one nap, and has been for a few weeks now.  He was ready for a little while before that even.  It's been nice though, now we don't have to live our lives revolved around his naps.  I can actually get things done, that is if I need to go somewhere.  Getting things done around the house is an entirely different story!

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