Monday, January 27, 2014

Mom Advice: Muslin Blankets

Eli was born in the winter, so naturally for gifts we were given wintery type blankets.  Well in southern AZ it gets hot fast, and is hot most of the year.  So when temperatures started rising I started worrying about my little bundle of joy, because he needed to be wrapped up for bed but his little infant wrap didn't fit him anymore and the blankets we had would make him too hot.  I saw a friend who had these Aden + Anais brand muslin swaddle wrap blankets.  They were BIG (which was another problem I was having... finding blankets that were big enough) and breathable -- perfect even for our hot summers!  I fell in love.  I love these blankets.  And as Eli has gotten older and doesn't need to be swaddled anymore, we still use these blankets during nap and bed times as a sort of signal that it's time to sleep.  They are functional and cute.  We love them!  A+ for these great blankets.

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