Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mom Advice: Hospital Tour

When I was pregnant I knew taking a hospital tour was on my long to-do list to get ready for the big birth-day.  However, our little boy was due right after the holidays, and so spare time leading up to the due date was pretty small.  And the hospital we would deliver at was across town, about 45 minutes away.  And what did I need a tour for, all we needed to know was where it was and which entrance to go to and what our rooms would look like, right?  So the hospital tour was cut from the list.  And unfortunately, I wish I had taken it.

Not only would it have been nice to get the view and know where things were (for others' sake as well, like where the cafeteria was from our room), but I would have learned that the room had a shower in it, and most importantly that there would be a photographer who would come to our room and take FREE pictures of our little newborn, and we could view and purchase the pictures at a later time.  I WISH I had known that, so I could have packed my bag a little better so I could have looked and felt better and that I had taken those pictures.  I should have done it anyway, even though I hadn't showered the whole time I was there.

Well, these are things you learn along the way I guess!  It's safe to say I'll know better for next time.  I'll be touring hospitals from now on, even if I've delivered there before.

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