Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Colorado Trip - Part 1

At the beginning of August we went on a trip with a few destinations.  Our first stop was Utah, and our second stop was Colorado!

** Disclosure: There are many, many pictures. **

We took an Amtrak train ride from Salt Lake to Denver.  We left Salt Lake at 3AM and arrived in Denver around 6:30PM.  Phew!

Looking out the window at the hotel:

We stopped by the Colorado temple.  Eli was taking a nap and we wanted a family picture but we didn't want to wake him up, so we just brought him out with the carseat!

We visited the Aquarium in Denver.  Eli loved it!  So many moving things to look at!  I think he tried to catch some as they swam by.  ;)  He really liked the sting rays!

Denver has a really cool, pedestrian only, mile-long outdoor "mall" -- the 16th Street Mall.  We walked up and down it.  Eli liked playing in this water fountain.

We also went to a Rockies game at Coors Field with my parents and my cousin Nik and his girlfriend Sydney.  It poured on us!  And there was lightning so we weren't even allowed to go to our seats for an hour or so until it cleared up.  But there was a beautiful double rainbow!  Oh, the beauty of the earth.  :)  We left after the 5th inning because it was so late after the hour rain delay, and Eli needed to go to bed.

My dad found out about this old castle-like building and we stopped by it after church.  It was built in the 1800's I think, or maybe 1900's, as a school and they wanted to become "the Princeton of the West" -- they wanted to be as good and prestigious a school as Princeton and the best in the West.  But they ended up deciding not to continue admitting women, and then WWII happened and there was no one left to attend the school because all the young men were being drafted into the war...  Oops!  Looks like a cool building though.  Too bad it never lived up to it's intended potential.

Our last stop on our way out of town was to see my Aunt Evelyn.  Eli had fun listening to the piano, playing with Grandma, and hanging out with Daddy while a rainstorm passed by.

[7 1/2 months old]

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