Saturday, September 14, 2013

Becoming Mobile (Baby Eli)

Eli has been mobile for a while now.  For the past 2 months or more (at around 6 months old) he's been rolling EVERYWHERE!  It's so cute and fun to watch him roll and roll to get something he wants.

On Tuesday (5 days ago) I spied Eli inch forward while on his tummy once.  A couple days later I saw him do it again!  That's really good considering he doesn't crawl, just kick-kick-kicks his little legs!  I think he might finally be starting to get the hang of crawling, maybe.  A start, anyway.

I've been half-joking, half-seriously saying that he will probably just skip crawling and learn to walk.  Well he's been walking with us for the past couple days.  And he's gotten pretty good at it!

And he's really pulling himself up now.  He'll grab onto our hands and pull up to a sitting position or all the way up to standing.  He's already been standing on his own with something to lean on or hold onto pretty well for a while now.  He's learning so fast!  He's such a smart kid!  It's so incredible how babies just learn how to do things.  There is definitely Divine influence there!

[8 1/2 months old]

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