Monday, November 26, 2012

Pinterest Project #4 - Cleaning

I made wool dryer balls!  They are supposed to fluff the clothes and reduce static cling in the dryer.  Apparently using dryer sheets can be bad for your dryer with the build up of film it leaves on everything, making the lint filter less functional over time.  Mostly I wanted to make these to save money, so I don't have to keep buying boxes of dryer sheets.  I plan on adding some drops of essential oil to them to give a scent to the clothes once they've been through the dryer.  And apparently you have to be careful when you go for the knock-off stuff of the oil...  Some are just for smelling and not for clothes or skin.  Could ruin the clothes.  Sooo I'll probably get the real stuff.  I hear you only need a couple drops for whatever you're using it on so the bottle, though pricey, lasts quite a while.

Here they are!

When I took the load of laundry out of the dryer just now I didn't notice any static coming from the clothes, and there usually is static.  So it seems like so far so good!

I used these two how-to blog posts for references on making these:

Imperfect Homemaking
How To Make Do

I used them both as my tutorial, pulling things from each that I liked or wanted to do:

- I DID NOT crochet the beginning of the balls, even though I do know how to crochet.  I DID wind it instead, and it was super simple.

- I DID NOT felt the balls in between stages (make a small ball and felt, then make it bigger and felt it again).  I DID just wind it all up to the size I wanted it to be and then felted them.

Thank you Pinterest!

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