Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Only 6 More Weeks to Go...

That's right.  I am 34 weeks this week!  Time flies...  It's really weird how it feels like it's going so slow but so fast at the same time!

I'm starting to feel the effects on my body from being pregnant.  Sleeping isn't so easy or comfortable anymore!  There could be worse things going on, but I need to get sleep while I still can!  :)

I feel so unprepared for everything that's about to happen!  It's becoming a little overwhelming.  We have things, but I know I am missing so much stuff.  Diapers?  Nursing bra?  Bath stuff?  Hmm, okay well if that's all then I guess that isn't all that much.  This is just really crazy!  Pretty much in about a month I will be a mom!  And have a little, helpless, delicate baby to take care of...  Going out in public with a baby?  Grocery shopping will be different.  Running any kind of errand or doing anything will be different...  I have so much to learn!  I don't want to get caught up in the things that can (and are!) stress(ing) me out, but I need to get ready at the same time.  How do I do that??  Neither of us know what we're doing!  We're still kids ourselves!  I do know though that even amid all this chaos and confusion and time flying I really want to enjoy every moment.  I hope I can learn to do that too.  Even now, before baby comes.

I'm feeling more and more love for this little guy.  I love feeling him moving around!  I'm getting a little sad that soon I won't be able to, and that I can't just have him with me all the time anymore.  But I know it will bring me so much joy to hold him and to cuddle with him and to see him learn and grow and to show him I love him.  I can't wait to meet him!

33 weeks
34 weeks
6 weeks and counting!  :)


  1. you look great! And yes, everything will be different, but it's so fun. :) Don't stress. For real. It's just exciting! :)

  2. We will be super close by! You can use our baby bath if you want. And nursing bras are sooo important. also sleeping nursing bras. I also was sad about not being able to feel him move around and having him so close to me all the time. After he was born I would feel my stomach rumbling and think, "Oh! my baby is moving!, oh wait... he's not there anymore" hahaha

  3. You finally look pregnant!! YAYAYAYA!!! I can't wait to meet your new little guy. Yes, it totally changes your life, but it also is the best thing in life. You will love like you never knew you could! Don't stress too much. The beauty of only having one child is you can nap when they are napping and catch up on missed sleep! Enjoy your last 6 weeks and I hope things don't get too uncomfortable for ya! That stinks! I know!

  4. You're CUUUUTE! Your blog today sounds exactly like my last month of journal entries! It's so wild, excited and a little sad. It really is such a joy to feel that little one move inside you, because it's a feeling only mother's know. I promise you'll feel like a complete fool when you first get to bring your little boy home, but before you even realize it you'll feel like a pro! I don't even look at the clock anymore and I have Juliet's schedule down. It took my husband being totally amazed at me today for me to actually realize this has happened!!!! It's just amazing, and you're going to LOVE it! Hey, have you had maternity pictures done? <3<3<3


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