Friday, November 30, 2012

Brothers & Missionaries

So I realized I never said anything about our brothers coming home from their missions this year.  Whoops!

Both my and Adam's younger brothers came home from their respective missions this year!  It's been a fun year!

My brother came home in March from the Philippines.

Family together again. "Mabuhay" means "Welcome" in Tagalog.
I totally PhotoShopped a guy (partly) out of the picture. Just don't look too closely.

Any excuse to have cookie cake from Mrs. Fields!!!!!!!!
He hadn't had it for 2 years so it was a pretty good excuse.
I love cookie cake (from Mrs. Fields).

Adam's brother came home in July from the Oregon Portland mission.

Together again!

Man, the lighting in the airport is awful!!

But anyway...

We're super proud of both of them for their dedication and service to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the two years they spent every day helping others come closer to Him by serving them and sharing His Gospel with them.  Love them both!!!

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