Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Welcome to the 3rd Trimester!


That's right.  29 weeks.  Almost a whole 7 months.  3rd trimester.

bump at 28 weeks

Pregnancy goes by so fast.  I expected it to, but at the same time 9 months sounds like a really long time!

I've hit the milestone point of now having doctor appointments every 2 weeks instead of 4...  That makes it seem even more crazy and real!

At our appointment last week we had another ultrasound because the doctor didn't get good enough pictures of everything she needed to see last time.  We invited our immediate family to come to this one.  Both of our parents and Adam's brother came.  It was really cool that they got to be there for that.  At one point during the ultrasound our baby kicked and not only did I feel it but we saw his leg extend and contract on the big screen!  It was so awesome!  That was my favorite part by far.  :)

He was more wiggly this ultrasound so the footage didn't turn out as good as last time.  Plus the doctor said there is more fluid now which makes it harder to take 3D pictures.  But I included a couple still for your viewing pleasure.  :)

My belly continues to bounce around.  It's so weird but really cool to see it moving "on its own."  There is a little living thing inside of me!  So crazy.  So awesome.  The miracle of life is sooooo witnessing of the existence of God, it's not even funny.  We as humans can't create ANYTHING that was never there before (we can manipulate, but not create), except a new person.  Creation is a divine gift, one that only God could have given us.  And it is one that should be taken very seriously.  There is way too much carelessness in the world...  I could go on about that, but I won't right now.

The nursery looks like...  Well I don't know what it looks like, but it doesn't look like a nursery!  A storage room I guess, but full of empty boxes.  And we realize that I could be having a baby in 2 months... TWO MONTHS...  So we really need to get cracking on getting things ready.  !

Our little munchkin at 28 weeks:


  1. Your post brought back memories from 35 years ago when I was pregnant with my first. What a humbling event to be a co-creator with our creator. I loved all 5 pregnancies and love all 5 results, my children!

  2. Wow that did go by fast!! You are so cute with your li'l belly


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