Thursday, October 18, 2012

Emergency Preparedness - Step One

We hear a lot about how we need to be prepared for emergencies.  And needing to be prepared is even becoming a reality for some people with various natural disasters happening around the world seemingly more and more.  Needing to be prepared for an emergency can happen to any of us, at any time.  And yet there are many, many of us who are still not prepared at all.

Some emergencies just aren't likely in certain areas.  It is highly unlikely we will experience a hurricane in southern Arizona.

However, there are still emergencies that can happen very quickly and unexpectedly, even in southern AZ.  For example: wildfirepower outageflooding (seems unlikely, but it can happen here!), nuclear leak (chemical emergency), drought, heat wave, terrorist attack (may sound silly, but could happen)...  I'm sure there are others, but this is just some examples.

I know it feels overwhelming.  But it must be important since we keep talking and hearing about it!  When you think it won't happen to you is when you may find yourself surprised, and you don't want that.  At least I don't!

I feel like I've had an excuse, not a very good one though, since living in a temporary place, namely an apartment.  But we have finally moved into our new house and are living in a permanent place.  Now my (bad) excuse is out the window.  Time to start!

Thinking about getting to having a year supply is SUPER overwhelming.  But I heard some good advice this week -- Start small!  Start with your 72-hour emergency kit, then work your way up from there.  (Or you can start with a car emergency kit.)

Car Emergency Kit
72-Hour Emergency Kit
2-Week Home Emergency Supply
3-Month Supply
Year Supply

I've got my car emergency stuff in my car already.  But actually I need to get another one together for my husband's car.

My advice to start is: MAKE A LIST

Unless you want to purchase a ready-made 72-hour kit, start compiling your own personal list of items for your family's kits.  This is what I have accomplished today.  I don't necessarily know how everything will fit, or maybe I'll take some things out that don't necessarily need to be in there.  But I have my list, and that's a really good starting point.  I would suggest looking at lists of items that other people have put in their kits as a reference to building your own.  Some of my references were:

Self-Reliant Sisters
Food Storage Made Easy
How Does She?
Red Cross
The Moes Family in Texas
Sportsman's News

My PRELIMINARY 72-Hour Emergency Kit List and Notes:

Change out perishables every 6 months - at Conference time - April and October

Gallon jugs of water - one per person stored in garage or closets

Jugs of gasoline in garage/trunk of car

Teach children Morse Code (at least S-O-S)


Storage - backpacks - rolling (Not duffle bags)

Food & Water
- 4 (24 oz) sport cap water bottles OR 7 (.5 L) water bottles
- 3 boxes or small bottles of juice or sports drink
- 3 flavor packets (for water)
- 3 granola bars
- 3 snack packs of trail mix
- 3 packages sandwich crackers
- 3 snack packs of dried/dehydrated fruit
- 3 snack packs of jerky
- 3 small cans of beefaroni (pop-tops covered with duct tape)
- 3 small cans of tuna (pop-tops covered with duct tape)
- 1 snack pack hard candy jolly ranchers
- 3 snack applesauces
- 1 package of gum

(depending on where you live you may need to be conscious of things melting, like I do)

- 2 plastic forks
- 2 plastic knifes
- 2 plastic spoons
- (camping utensils?)
- pocket knife
- (multi-purpose tool?)
- small manual can opener
- 2 gallon ziplock bags for trash
- hand crank OR shake flashlight
- hand crank OR battery operated radio (weather radio)
- extra batteries
- candles (that won’t melt?)
- lighter
- waterproof matches
- 4 hand warmer packs
- rope
- duct tape
- small shovel (gardening)
- whistle (with neck cord)
- compass (combined with whistle?)
- cash: quarters and dollar bills (how much?) - in a snack bag
- two-way radio (walkie-talkie?)
- filtration water bottle
- camp towel
- work gloves

Personal Care
- hand wipes (18?)
- hand sanitizer
- lotion
- mini shampoo
- mini bar soap?
- 3 days worth of prescription medication
- roll of toilet paper (center tube removed)
- feminine hygene
- sunscreen
- bug repellant
- chapstick/carmex tub
- kleenex
- small deodorant
- toothbrush
- toothpaste
- nail clippers
- compact mirror

First Aid
- medication: ibuprofen/tylenol
- band-aids (how many, what kind - variety?, extra large) (in snack bag)
- 2 x 2 gauze pads
- 4 x 4 gauze pads
- tweezers
- 1 roll sport tape
- 1 pair scissors
- 1 elastic bandage wrap
- 2 pair latex gloves
- light stick?

Clothing & Bedding
- Sneakers (tied to the outside)
- 3 pairs undergarments
- 1 pair sweat pants (a little big) (Winter clothes can be cut off to be made into summer clothes, so double clothing is not needed)
- 1 long sleeve shirt
- 2 pairs long socks
- zip up hoodie jacket
- warm gloves
- warm beanie hat
- sports cap
- small pillow in roll (tied to the outside)
- small mummy sleeping bag (tied to the outside)
- blanket
- plastic sheet (plastic table cloth?)
- rain poncho

Important Documents (laminated on ring?)
- Scriptures (Blue Book of Mormon)
- Patriarchal Blessing (glued inside BoM?)
- Genealogy Records (inserted inside BoM?)
- copy of birth certificate
- family and emergency contact information
- personal identification: with pictures and important dates and places
- allergies notes (to medication and food)

- extra set of house and car keys

- small notebook
- pen and pencil
- deck of cards

- glasses
- “waiting” game ideas written on a piece of paper
- extra cell phone charger
- glasses


- Extra 9mm handgun
- Extra magazine of 9mm bullets
- water purification tablets

FAMILY PACK (combined with parent pack?)

- Legal Docs: Birth Certs, Marriage Cert, Passports, Wills, Vaccination Papers, Immunization Records, Insurance Policies
- flares
- blanket
- water (how much?)
- water purification tablets

Winter clothes can be cut off to be made into summer clothes, so double clothing is not needed.

This list is still in the works and in its beginning stage.  I just wrote it out tonight!  My plan is to begin executing this list by buying one or a couple things each week.  Maybe starting with the storage items -- the things to store everything in.  Now wish me luck, and go start your own 72-Hour Emergency Kit list!  I believe in you!

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  1. This is great! Thanks for the inspiration.

    PS: your baby is the size of an eggplant!


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