Friday, October 5, 2012

Pinterest Project #2 - Dinner

For dinner tonight I maaaaaaddeee this:

(She calls it Cheddar Bacon Ranch Chicken Pasta, but that's a mouth-full and I like the way "Chicken Bacon Ranch" rolls off the tongue better...  Plus it's easier to say.)

(And please don't judge me for my hard-water stained pan...  I'll fix that eventually...)

It looks like a lot of noodles but the ratio was actually perfect.  And I did half a pound instead of 1 lb like her recipe calls for.  It's all about equalizing the proportions of the food for each bite!

And next time, I'll cook the pasta while the chicken is cooking instead of doing it first like she says in the recipe.  That was silly and it made the cooking take longer.

The final result -- It was really good!!!  Hubs approves also -- very much!  :)

He's also still eating those brownies!  (We have a whole pan left...  Should probably give some away.)  Oh, and by the way, I had a piece tonight and it was super delicious!  Milk was necessary to wash it down.  So good.

Happy pinning!

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