Friday, June 3, 2011

Times Are A-Changin'

Hello my slightly neglected blog!  I just finished putting together the first family newsletter for my mom's side of the family (which was super fun!) so now is as good a time as any, especially since I'm in the informing mood!

Most recently, Adam and I moved last weekend to an apartment that is BIGGER (yay!) and closer to the U of A.  We had tons of help -- it only took 30 minutes to move our stuff out and 30 minutes to move it in!  It was awesome.  We're still living out of boxes but we're slowly getting things arranged and organized.  So far, we love it.

 Old apartment:
This is the Living Room; notice that tons of things are crammed in here -
Adam's desk, the keyboard, coffee table, couch (not pictured but to the right), Adam's Architecture stuff...

 Old apartment porch.
(And that window to the left is the bedroom.)

 Move-out day: Goodbye old apartment!

Move-in day: Hello new apartment!

At least those are empty boxes...

New apartment means new ward!  And this time a whole new stake!  Church on Sunday was a little sad, but we are excited for the new opportunities we will have and the new people we are going to meet and get to know!

Did I ever mention that Adam and I went to the Air Show (which was in Phoenix this year) back in March?  Well we did.  And we saw the Thunderbirds (they are awesome).  And I got a nice tan line from my watch.  I (kind of) wish I had a picture of that!


Adam applied to the Architecture program at the UofA!  We won't hear back from them to see if he made it in until July.  Boo.  But we're hopeful and optimistic that he will!  My husband is talented and smart -- he's pretty awesome.

And Adam's sister gradidated from high school, LDS Seminary, and the JTED nursing program!  Of course we went to all three ceremonies.  I'm just so proud.

And last but not least, this weekend (Saturday to be exact) is our very first wedding anniversary!  We will be celebrating.  But I cannot tell how because it's a secret.  Adam doesn't know!  Hehe!

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  1. I am excited to see your new place... but I'll give you time to settle in--I know how that is :)

    Happy day-before-anniversary. I'm excited to find out about your surprise celebration! We just went camping :/ haha


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