Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh, Just Some Things

Well I wish I had a way of making my life sound more eventful than it actually is.  But maybe it's good that things are calm.  I would rather not have crazy trials and challenges!  The ones I have are good enough!

I have the best boss.  The job isn't bad either.  I work for my mom and my hours are "whenever as long as the work gets done."  How awesome is that, right?  I've always loved sleeping in in the mornings, and I feel bad when I don't get up early.  But my boss doesn't care when I get in as long as I do my job!  Fantastic!  It's hard sometimes though to be motivated in learning new things since I have no desire whatsoever to ever do anything in the mortgage industry.  I could if I wanted to, but I really don't want to.  I hope I don't have to work at all when I have kids (and after Adam goes through school and gets a good job) so I can be a full-time mom.  That is my dream!  I know it's important and so that is my goal.

It surprises me almost at how many missionary opportunities are all around me.  Praying for them really helps me see them.  I hope to make a difference in people's lives one by one.

One of my very bestest friends, Elyse, is getting married!!  I am super duper excited and happy for her!

This is us last year after wedding-dress shopping for me.
(And we found it thank goodness!)

After searching online for the perfect outfit to wear on this special occasion and not finding it, I decided I'm going to make a dress!  I've never done it before and it will be fun (hopefully more-so than frustrating)!  My mom said she will set up my sewing machine on a table and have a place to make projects in the small room being used for storage, which was originally supposed to be a laundry room (excessive explanation, sorry).  I'm so excited and I can't wait to start making projects!

Adam and I and his parents went to the Arizona vs. Washington game with FREE tickets (thanks Mom and Steve)!  8th row, right across from the Arizona bench. Be jealous.

Notice our awesome "White Out" t-shirts:

Guess who was sitting two rows and like 8 seats away from us?? (Lute Olson!)
(This isn't a creepy stalker-ish picture, right?)

Student section: A!!!!!

And we also scored free tickets to the professional golf tournament that was in town last week.  We didn't see Tiger Woods, but saw some other apparently famous players.  Ha.  Players.  :D

Look what we found on the side of one of the courses: (hehe!)

Adam put my cowboy (cowgirl?) hat on my head while I was making dinner the other night and (sneakily) got the camera out and told me to look.  But I suspected what he was up to and this is what happened:

Until next time...  :)

P.S. Happy 9 months to us!  :)


  1. That was a fun post of ordinary stuff. Did you sneak a cell phone into the PGA tourny- rule breakers! Haha, LOVE the saguaro pic, I thought it was an egg until I zoomed in. Hugs from us!

  2. haha I thought it was an egg too!

    Happy 9 months! I guess that means we're at 9.5 months lol :)


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