Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer-time is Birthday-time!

Both mine and Adam's birthdays are in the summer.

We gave each other breakfast in bed,

(dang, no pictures)

Went out to eat with the family, 

Olive Garden, of course.

Adam the "Wing Nut" at Buffalo Wild Wings

Took pictures by our homemade birthday posters made with love by Adam's mom, 

Opened super awesome presents,

And of course, I ate cookie cake.

I. Love. Cookie cake. (From Mrs. Fields only)

This was our second year celebrating our birthdays as a married couple.  Weird!  We're in our SECOND year of marriage.  I can only imagine all the wonderful and awesome things to come.  :)

(Just as a side note, we still have not eaten the top layer of our wedding cake from a year ago.  We should probably get on that since it gets older by the minute...)

(And as a side note to the side note, the freezer in which the top layer of our wedding cake was being stored apparently broke and it got ruined.  Oh well, I hear it doesn't ever really taste that good anyway.  We should just make a new top layer and eat that and call it good!)

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  1. HAHAHAHA... I should just make another cake topper !Looks like you had a fabulous birthday!! Congrats!


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