Monday, September 19, 2011


I read earlier today that a scientist in the UK predicts that in about 20 years we will be able to make ourselves immortal.  He says that technology and our knowledge of the human body is accelerating at a rate that if it stays steady, we will be able to stop ageing and even reverse it.

I understand the desire for humans to live forever.  But I don't want to live forever in these conditions.  I want to die eventually, when I've finished everything I've come here to do and learn.  There is so much more, and better things waiting for us on the other side.  Death is a part of life.  And after death we will be resurrected (the reuniting of the body and spirit) and live in a much better way!  This wanting to live forever suspectedly comes from not understanding what happens after we die.  I'm grateful that I have that knowledge and that I don't have to wonder or be scared or nervous about it.  I know my purpose in life because I know my purpose after this life.  The ability that I have to be with God and my family forever through sealings (not just "'til death do us part") in God's holy temple brings me so much joy!  I know that we will live forever, and not only that but live forever in such great happiness and peace and joy if we do the things that are required of us by God.  There is a way, and Jesus Christ is that Way.  He has restored His church, the same as in the days when he walked the earth.  We don't have to live in confusion.  Our Heavenly Father (we are His spirit children!) is not a God of confusion, but clarity.  He has laid out for us what we should and need to do, and as long as we do those things we can achieve the highest degree of glory and happiness and live there with God and our families forever.  Because He died and was resurrected, Jesus Christ has opened the reality that we will all be resurrected also and have immortality - everyone who ever has come or will come to the earth.  But only those who obey His commandments (all of them, including the commandments He gives to us through His prophets in these modern days) will be granted everlasting life; salvation (a personal matter), and exaltation (a family matter).  We have so much potential!  His arms are ever extended to each of us.  I hope and pray that we will rise up to the call and take up our cross and follow Him, our Savior who has done so very much for us, to whom I am forever indebted and grateful.

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