Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Lord Gave Me a Temple

One of the reasons our loving Heavenly Father sends His spirit children (us) to the earth is so we can obtain physical bodies.

I love my body!

Recently I have gained greater appreciation for this amazing gift.  And I also realize that it is an amazing blessing that my body is healthy and functions properly so I can do almost anything I want or need to do!  This is my new motivation for taking care of my body, this great gift.  I'm trying to eat regularly, but not too much, and not eat so much cruddy food (some, but not all the time!).  I'm trying to realize my limits when it comes to food!  And I'm getting myself back in shape by exercising regularly.  There are lots of ways to exercise!  In the last two weeks I realize that I don't HATE running as much as I thought.  When it's beautiful outside and you know you're doing something good to benefit yourself and your amazing gift of a body, it can be quite refreshing.  I'm not planning on running a marathon any time soon.  But I'm just sayin'.

I'm thankful for my body!  Its amazing ability gives evidence that there is a God.  And I know there is!

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