Monday, August 8, 2011

And the Verdict Is...

Adam applied for the Architecture program at the U of A and we have been waiting since May to find out whether or not he was accepted.  They were supposed to tell us at the beginning of June, and then they said they would tell us in the middle of July.  Well word FINALLY came!  Two days before we left on our two-week vacation to Utah and beyond, which would be July 19th or 20th, he got the letter.  Or email rather.  It said...  "Congratulations!"  I didn't have much doubt that he would make it in.  He worked really hard this last year (the "freshman" year of the Architecture program) and did a really good job at all of his projects!  Plus, it helped that the odds of getting in this year were apparently better than usual.  I think 80 applied and they were taking 70.  But nonetheless, YAY!  I knew he would do it.  I wasn't too stressed about it.  But he was!  Just the not knowing thing...  It kinda gets to you.  Especially since he kinda needs to be accepted into the program to be able to get a degree in this field that he wants to someday get a job in to support our family!  No pressure or anything.  So needless to day it was a load off of his shoulders.  And now begins the 4-year journey... (which isn't too bad considering some other majors!)

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