Monday, August 2, 2010

I guess this is what I get for thinking nothing is happening in my life...

Adam broke his foot!

Yes.  It's broken.  It's really dumb how it happened.  Okay well, maybe not THAT dumb!  He was playing water basketball on Saturday with some friends, no big deal they do it all the time.  He was standing on a step in the pool and jumped into the shallow end -- a distance of about 3 feet probably -- and just landed on it bad.  Oops!  And it is very. broken.

Since I've been taking care of my sweet husband I keep kind of forgetting that he is my husband, a capable and competent adult, not my child who needs constant supervision and care and reminding of how and when to do things.  I find it a little strange that I'm feeling this way!  I think my mother instincts are kicking in.  I take it as a good sign.  I'm so excited to have kids to take care of and love and cherish someday!!

So not only do we have this crazy broken foot to throw a wedge in our days, but Adam has been without insurance since he got dropped off his parents' when we got married 2 months ago.  Saturday night we knew we needed to get his foot x-rayed to see what the problem was so we went in to urgent care Sunday morning anyway.  But we only had a $30 co-pay??!  Turns out Adam is STILL on his parent's insurance.  Phew!  But then, was he truly allowed to be?  We are looking at thousands of dollars to be paid here in the next week or so with the surgery and facility fees and getting his foot all fixed up...  We searched out many options and talked about a lot of things with his parents and my parents...   Adam's dad called him early this morning after doing extensive research and told him that Adam is still good on their insurance through August 31st, as the renewal date is September 1.  !!!  What a blessing!!!  Definitely did not expect that one!  I feel so undeserving though, I've been procrastinating getting our tithing checks written out and handed off...  We just have so much to catch up on.  But it's no excuse!!  But don't worry, I'm taking care of it THIS WEEK.

Was that too much info?  Well, the point is that the Lord is very VERY aware of us and our needs.  We would have been able to handle everything either way, though one way would have been a good chunk of our money bye-bye.  But we are trying to live our lives right and do what we are supposed to do.  If we try our best to do our part, He WILL take care of us.  He will.  He always does.

"Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you."
- Madeline Bridges -

"One can never tell what will be the result of faithful service rendered, nor do we know when it will come back to us or to those with whom we are associated. The reward may not come at the time, but in dividends later. I believe we will never lose anything in life by giving service, by making sacrifices, and doing the right thing."
- Heber J. Grant -


  1. Ahh oh no Adam! Let us know if we can do anything for you... we can bring some ice cream? :)

  2. Yes please! :D His favorite brand is Blue Bell.... Just sayin'.


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