Friday, May 13, 2016

Getting it Together

I usually don't have everything together.  I don't think anyone really does!  On weeks or days when I sort of mostly have it together I feel really great!  Celebrating small victories can be like a light through a tunnel that seems dark.  Motherhood is a challenging, rewarding, tiring, joy filling adventure.  But being a mother isn't the only thing I worry about, oh no.  There's laundry, dinner, grocery shopping, work, developing my own talents, being a good wife, cleaning up the ever growing pile of mail, visiting teaching, preparing for callings...  And that doesn't even include special events like family gatherings and birthdays and visits from out of town, etc.  Life is just busy!  There is always something.  But that's OK, and it's good.  Some days I take great solace in the fact that tomorrow is another day and another chance to do better.  A quote from Elder Holland comes to mind:

Watch this short inspiring video:

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