Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Family Recap

This year was an eventful one for us! 
Adam has been continuing his schooling at the University of Arizona in the 5-year Architecture program.  He will be graduating in May of 2015.  It seems so far away but at the same time it’s creeping up on us!  Only 3 more semesters to go!  Adam was called in our church ward as the Ward Mission Leader in May, and continues to evolve his love of guns and sports.
Kami is still working in the mortgage business and is blessed to be able to do the majority of her responsibilities from home.  She also continues to dance, mostly ballet, at a local dance studio.  Kami was called in our church ward as the Primary Music Leader (children’s music leader) at the end of September, and quickly grew to love it.  She spends her time trying to be a good wife and mom, while also fulfilling church responsibilities and developing some of her many interests.
Our love and joy, Eli, was born right at the end of 2012, and we have loved every minute with him.  It has been a magical and humbling and wonderful adventure! 
When Eli was 3 and a half months old (in the middle of March) we took him, at the suggestion of our pediatrician, to see a pediatric plastic surgeon for an evaluation.  He told us right away that Eli had a condition called Craniosynostosis on the right side of his head.  The right suture in Eli’s skull had been fused or closed prematurely and was causing his skull to grow disproportionately.  The doctor told us this was not something a helmet could fix and that he would need surgery to correct it.  Eli had his surgery two months later when he was 5 and a half months old (in the middle of June).  The plastic surgeon and neurosurgeon team took about 4 hours in the operating room and we stayed in the hospital for 5 days.  Eli was swollen for a while, but he came out of surgery with only a strip of moisturized gauze over his zig-zag scar from ear to ear across the top of his head.  And when we left the hospital he had no bandages or restrictions, except to not be underwater for a week or two.  He did so great!  He recovered quickly and after a few weeks he was back to his normal, wiggly self.  We are glad this experience is behind us, but we’re sure Eli will have fun showing off and bragging about his scar and 86+ stitches!
Eli is *just about one year old* and FULL of personality!  He is so smart!  He started walking unassisted at the end of November, and is cruising all over the place in all the many ways he knows how, and gets into everything.  He has been taking swim lessons throughout the year, which he loves!  He learned to hold us breath to go under water after only a few months.  And he’s eating great all kinds of “solid” foods, and he has 3 teeth so far.  He likes books, swimming, playing on the piano, exploring, playing peek-a-boo, being outside, the bathroom (and baths), and he loves when Daddy comes home!  We love it when he giggles, smiles, walks and runs around, babbles and squeals, gives us hugs and kisses, and so many more things!  We love our little miracle!
May your Christmas season be filled with love and family, and peace and joy through He who makes it possible.  And we hope 2014 brings you and your family great happiness and adventure!
With love,
Adam, Kami & Eli
“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”
 to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Luke 2:1 1, 14

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