Sunday, April 28, 2013

4 Months! (Baby Eli)

I can't believe it.  Eli is 4 months old today!!  Time goes so fast.

Life has been so crazy and so awesome.  We just LOVE having Eli in our family!  It's the best!

4 months:

- liking tummy time more; he's gotten really good at holding his head up! he's beginning to be more stable
- loves swimming classes!
- drooling everywhere! he's definitely teething, which also means he hasn't been letting me sleep through the night anymore :( and he also spits up everywhere
- loves to put everything in his mouth - especially his hands! and by hands I mostly mean fists
- smiles when he sees Mommy or Daddy; and he recognizes our voices through the phone too!
- still loves looking at lights and fans on the ceiling; but he's looking at people more and even the tv!
- looks at the camera when we're taking a picture of him, but he hasn't gotten down the smiling for the camera part yet (he'll smile for us, but not the camera)
- so wiggly!
- I think his eyes are going to be green
- plenty of hair on the back of his head (although some is getting rubbed off from sleeping on his back) but still just little hairs on the top of his head! they are so little and not very dark and it makes him look bald
- recognizes himself in the mirror and smiles and then gets shy!
- finally starting to (kind of) get the hang of long naps (yay!)
- loves playing with Daddy
- talking like crazy - especially during prayers!
- talks a bunch when we sing to or around him; I think he's trying to sing along!
- doesn't mind other people holding him - he's pretty friendly
- loves to stick his feet in the air!
- holds onto his toes (we're still waiting for them to make their way into his mouth!)
- falls asleep in the car, but not all the time
- breastfeeds like a champ!
- takes a bottle like a champ, and even holds it (for those few times when Mommy has to be away)
- giggles every once in a while
- apparently tickleish on his neck! he's been laughing when we play with him and tickle him sometimes
- kicks and flails his arms and legs like crazy when he's excited
- still curls his toes up around things like they are hands trying to hold stuff

I'm sure there's probably tons more, right?  But he's doing awesome.  He's the best!

Here are some super cute pictures:

Swim class!

At Mommy's dance class

Love holding onto his feet!

Eli today! 4 months!

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