Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do I Really Have to Pee Again?!

I find myself thinking this quite often lately.  I don't drink as much fluids as I should, but it seems like I still have to go to the bathroom every hour.  This could also mean that time is just flying by -- which it does!

Oh the joys of pregnancy!

Our baby boy is doing well!  This week I am 25 weeks.  We still haven't decided on a name, but we have a couple possibles.  I wonder if I'll be able to settle on one until I see him and hold him.  I can't believe I'm going to be a MOM -- what the heck!  But wow, we are excited.

I had some fun morning sickness throughout the second half of the first trimester, which really was mostly only in the mornings (thank goodness).  For the most part I would just feel sick and queezy -- only a handful of times did I actually throw up.  Actually probably two handfuls (of times, not barf).  Luckily I always made it to the toilet, trash can, throw-up bowl, or side of the road (yes, it happened once).

As for this second trimester, I've been feeling great!  I think I've been more tired than usual, but not by much.   Actually what I think has been happening is that my body is FINALLY teaching itself to work on an inner clock.  I get tired around 9pm or so (and get to bed around 10 or so, hopefully), and don't have as hard of a time getting out of bed at 7 or 8am to help Adam get ready for school (packing his lunch).  And the REAL miracle is that I can actually stay awake after he leaves instead of crawling back into bed!  I feel like this has been a huge accomplishment.  Now my next task is to start getting ready and get out of the house before 9 (eek!) or 10 (doable).

Our little baby Ferg is moving around a lot now (since a couple weeks ago).  Adam has even been able to feel him!  He gets really excited when he feels him move.  He's going to be an awesome dad, I can already tell!!!  I actually forget a lot that I'm pregnant, sometimes it just doesn't seem real, but it's when I feel him moving that I remember -- Oh yeah, I'm pregnant!  And I'm finally starting to look like it!  However, I'm still in that awkward phase where if you don't know I'm pregnant you probably assume that I'm fat in the belly.  But if you DO know that I'm pregnant, you can totally tell!  Even if I wear a t-shirt.  It's almost time I start investing in more loose/maternity shirts.  I've hardly gained any weight throughout this whole pregnancy so far.  I've been teetering around 115 pounds -- which is small for me!  I lost weight during the past year from dancing ballet. So basically all my pants still fit!  Actually a lot of them are still too big.  Kind of annoying, but it's nice that I don't have to buy new clothes yet.

Here are some pictures:

"We're expecting!" (May)

"This is CRAZY and EXCITING!" (May)

The bump! 22.5 weeks (September)

13 weeks

20 weeks

It's a BOY!

20 weeks


  1. so excited to see him! and those are some AWESOME u/s photos of him!!! wow!!!

  2. Yessss I love these pics! How cute are you miss preggo?! I love it. And this is one of those extremely rare times that I have been able to look at an ultrasound and discern that it is of an actual human baby... So, good job there too! I am excited to meet li'l Ferg when he makes his debut :)


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