Sunday, October 10, 2010

Run run run!

So I learned in church today that our annual stake bbq will be held on Saturday, November 6th.  Along with this bbq (and games and entertainment and stuff...  It's going to be fun, you should come!) there will be a 5K run.  And for some cRaZy reason I've decided to join on this embarkation of running.  (Does that make sense?  Just go with it.)  I've never done a 5K.  I've had tiny slivers of wanting to do one, however.....  So here we go!  I'm a little nervous!  I have 4 weeks to train.  Yikes!  That means I'll be running every day (except Sundays of course) for a while starting tomorrow.  Ahhh.  Hello 6:00 AM.

Feel free to join me if you wish.

I think I want to make t-shirts.  I'm pretty sure I'll need the support!

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  1. Kami, you are so cute. I just read your blog, and am happy that I did. You are so positive about everything, a trait I need to work on. :) And in response to your comment about the toilet paper....I don't buy kleenex! Haha. So when it's allergies/cold season, often there are a couple rolls layin around the house. I know, right.


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