Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Family Recap

The last year was one full of changes for us!  Kami spent most of the first half of the year in pregnancy sickness while caring for ever increasingly rambunctious Eli as Adam finished his last semester of college in Tucson, Arizona.  May was the biggest month for our family.  Two days after Adam's huge final presentation for school, our sweet baby girl decided she wanted to join our family, 3 weeks early.  What started as a relatively normal doctor visit ended as a trip to the hospital and a few hours later she was born.  Kayleigh Lynn came speedily on Friday, May 8 at 3:39pm weighing 6 pounds 15.7 ounces and measuring 18 and 1/4 inches long.  Eli gladly welcomed Kayleigh into our family with a heart bursting with love.  He loves to hold her, hug her, kiss her, and play with her.  And she loves him just as much, watching and smiling at him all the time.  They adore each other and we adore them! The very next Friday Adam graduated with his bachelor degree in Architecture from the University of Arizona -- a milestone long anticipated!  He landed a great job at FFKR, an architecture firm in downtown Salt Lake City and before the month was over we had moved up to Utah. Kami left her family in Arizona but funny enough Adam joined his in Utah.  We've all made quite the adjustment moving north but we're settled in and enjoying our new life here.  Some of our favorite activities include riding the train to Salt Lake City, going to grassy parks, visiting family, and playing outside. Adam's company is one of a few in town that gets work contracted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  And they were the ones working on the plans for the Tucson temple!  And it just so happened that he was lucky enough to get to work on it with that team for the last month of the project.  That was his first month -- what a welcome!  What a blessing, a tender mercy. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary this summer.  We've been very blessed throughout our marriage, and continue to be.  At the end of the year Eli will be 3 years old and Kayleigh will be 7 and a half months old. 

May you feel the love, peace, and joy of the Savior this Christmas, and may your New Year be one full of blessings, 

Adam, Kami, Eli & Kayleigh

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